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The review tells the history of our site since it was started 6 years ago and explores my motivation as webmaster in building the site and our positioning in...

An abundance mentality self-deception can only be pushed so far before it seems a bit ridiculous in these circumstances! If you were the woman for me how and where am I supposed to find you?I’ve been obsessing about the design of games lately and have attempted to study some of the patterns of good games.First off, these observations are driven mainly by the games I’m playing on and off currently – Patapon 1 & 2, Crysis, the Sims 3, Civilization 5, Angry Birds, and Need for Speed.Of these, Patapon is the one I’m enjoying the most as I compete against my six-year-old, and more so because it’s a very quirky, interesting game that runs on a portable platform with a very cool game mechanic.Patapon is really ‘fun’; and it set me thinking about what makes it fun.

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In the past I always spoke with a flip chart but...

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