Wpf selectedvalue not updating

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Wpf selectedvalue not updating

In our application we have a combo box that switches between different modes. So, if there are unsaved changes and the user selects new mode in the combo box, we want to Reverting using selection on step 1 makes sense, because the application did not officialy switch modes until the user said "yes", and we want the combo box to correctly reflect current mode. If we use MVVM, we have three entities related to the combo box selection: In an ideal world all three should be synchronized at all times, with possible exception of very brief transition states. NET 3.5, otherwise an MVVM application would never be able to set the selection programmatically.Unfortunately, it turns out that if one uses MVVM and data binding, reverting user seletion in a combo box is difficult in . Unfortunately, the synchronization is broken in different ways in . Roughly, the combo box turns "deaf" to view model updates for the duration of "selection changed" windows message, probably to prevent infinite loops. Based on info from this Stack Overflow question, I tried the following.

Thank you For Reply I saw your example but why there is need to bind data source on pre-render event every i do bind third dropdownlist on value select event of 2nd dropdown do i need to bind datasource to second dropdownlist in pre render event?or can you please send me the example with 3 syncfusion dropdownlist with example?As per your requirement we can achieve it by applying “Cascading” support to our Dropdownlist controls or by changing the Data Source of the other Dropdown list by using “On Value Select” server side event of our Dropdownlist control. It sort of makes sense once you get it working, but this is definitely not intuitive.Hmmm I never knew that you could ctrl-click on the combobox to reset that value to -1.

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It does seem more intuitive to take this approach however Data Grid Columns are not actually part of the visual tree and only the Binding DPs will actually be set on generated cell elements to inherit Data Grid’s Data Context.

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