Who is selena gomez dating from one direction sex dating in arley alabama

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Who is selena gomez dating from one direction

Neither The Weeknd nor Selena are strangers to high-profile romances.

Selena and now ex Justin Bieber stepped out together for the first time in 2011, dating on and off until 2016.

In one tall tale, the site made up how One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson was “happy” for Horan’s new relationship with Gomez.

In another, the creative writers at the blog concocted a piece about how Gigi Hadid wanted her boyfriend Zayn Malik to “double date” with Gomez and Horan.

Albumul a fost un succes comercial, ajungând în Top 10 Billboard 200.

După aceasta, Gomez a apărut în filmul Ramona and Beezus, una dintre primele sale roluri în afară de Disney.

Ca urmare, Selena a avut roluri episodice în filme, cum ar fi Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) și Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (2005).

În 2006, Gomez a apărut ca invitat special într-un episod din serialul de la Disney Channel, Zack și Cody, ce viață minunată, precum și Hannah Montana.

Rumored and actual feuds between both sets of star-crossed lovers abound, but The Weeknd and Selena have remained mum.

Six days ago, Hollywood Lies, as it is often nicknamed, published a story with the headline, “Selena Gomez Flattered By Niall Horan’s Crush Reveal But Here’s Why They’ll Never Date.” Now, the possibly pathological liars at the site have an article with the headline, “Niall Horan Gushes Over Ex Selena Gomez: ‘She’s The Perfect Role Model.’” Wait, six days ago Gomez would “never date” Horan, but now she’s his “ex”?

In the concocted story from last week, the often discredited site wrote, “If you’re obsessed with the idea of Selena Gomez dating Niall Horan, then we’re here to burst your bubble.” The webloid then claimed the reason they never dated was Gomez considered them just to be in the “friend zone.” Then, as the untrustworthy blog is wont to do, it quoted a seemingly fictitious “source” as saying, “Selena really likes Niall but she feels a more brotherly connection towards him as opposed to a romantic one.” That’s funny, because in its latest report, not even a week later, Hollywood Lies notes Horan spoke about Gomez in a new article, and refers to her as “his famous ex.” The unreliable site also mentions their “time together as a couple!

It’s also interesting that a few days ago, the repeatedly disproven site would suddenly maintain that Gomez would “never date” Horan, because for years the blog published one falsehood after another about Gomez “dating” Horan, filled with fake details about their romance.

Perhaps Hollywood Lies forgot about its February 2014 story titled, “Selena Gomez Is Dating Niall Horan To ‘Get Back At Justin Bieber.'” In the fully manufactured story, the blog claimed, “Selena Gomez has a new man in her life, One Direction cutie Niall Horan.” The webloid even spent a part of 2015 manufacturing fake news stories about Horan and Gomez’s non-existent romance.

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Why does it feel like the weekend takes an eternity to show up?

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