Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies

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Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies

About 80 percent of its products go to oil and gas companies or firms in related industries.

"Sustained decreases in oil prices continue to drive significant declines in capital investments by oil companies in offshore oil exploration projects impacting Sikorsky and resulting in reduced production levels," Sikorsky spokesman Paul Jackson said in a statement.

Sikorsky has also had some weakness in foreign military sales, Jackson said.Each company employs paid drivers, who are at the fire houses 24 hours a day, and who drive the equipment to fire calls, where volunteers meet them, thus reducing response time and keeping homeowner fire insurance rates in Pottstown lower.Other than the purchase of new fire trucks (which is sometimes undertaken by the borough), the salaries of those drivers, and the cost of their benefits, is among the highest expense items for each of the fire companies.Unlike the police department, fire protection in Pottstown is not under the direction of borough government, but instead is provided by four independent volunteer fire companies over which Pottstown Fire Chief Richard Lengel has operational control during a fire.But in matters of their own affairs, such as finances, the election of officers and the like, the fire companies are independent.

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POTTSTOWN For more than three years, borough government has been urging Pottstowns four independent fire companies to come up with some plan for consolidating.