Dns timestamp not updating

Posted by / 04-Sep-2017 17:23

For some environments, especially smaller ones where network changes are somewhat infrequent, this may not be a big deal.However, as devices are connected, moved and ultimately disconnected, DNS records can begin to sprawl.This process works very well when the correct security permissions are in place for DNS client records.

When a DNS record is created by a new client, the No Refresh interval is in effect, which is seven (7) days by default.It is important to understand how clients update their DNS records dynamically to prevent issues where the process fails due to poor management of your DNS zones and records.Many DNS administrators find that the Dynamic DNS update process, and aging/scavenging processes may be difficult to understand and manage correctly.Most of you reading this will already know what DNS Scavenging is.For those of you that don’t it is a feature of Windows DNS servers which allows you to automate the deletion (scavenge) of outdated DNS resource records.

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It uses two intervals: 1) Non-Refresh interval 2) Refresh interval Non-Refresh interval This is the time period in which the resource records cannot be refreshed.