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La Namibie est un des pays avec la plus faible densité de population au monde.

En une phrase, vous pouvez faire 100kms sans croiser une seule voiture ou habitation (et ni personne d’autre que des Oryx ou Springbok).

He pulls off girl group dances so well, reacts well to people, knows the timing to speak up ㅋㅋ 5.

I understand it, and I willingly admit that I’ve run into it often enough over the years to know it’s real. We gather to insure that we’re prepared for the future and able to survive.As I constantly remind my colleagues – A few years ago, my college held a session for professors who teach freshmen so we could better understand the transition-to-college issues they face. One speaker got to the podium and started ranting about how college kids today are shallow, they love vapid shows like “The Hills” and look up to the Paris Hiltons of the world as role models. It's all just a preference in the end" I like how he said this, it shows how considerate he is 6.[ 35, -3] I feel like he'd be the type of dad who hangs out with his kids like he's their friend when he gets married 7.

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[ 29, -5] You can tell he's a kind person at heart 8.

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