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Dataconversion validating xml

i need to validate each and every data field in xml before putting it into sql database table. redirect the error into sql error table destination..i tried to validate based on data conversion field... but while mapping i need to map all good fields or only i can select specific column but if there 20-30 error fields in input data am not able to validate and map error values.Offshore India Data Entry is a prominent BPO company in India that provides XML conversion outsourcing services.We offer fast, accurate and versatile services at reliable rate to our customers.Our team of software developers has proficiency in different software languages and tools like XML/SGML/HTML, DTD/Schema, Java/J2EE, ASP/ Dot Net, VB, ASP and other.We will help you in converting your hard copies or electronic files to specific formats by providing you data analysis, document structure determination and DTD analysis.Caorda’s process only requires you to provide the raw accounting data, which removes the challenges of dealing with the technical portion of the filing.The PDF file containing all form data will eliminate both the cost of producing blank forms and the frustration of aligning forms for printing.

Exeter Premedia does XML conversion of books, journals, manuals, digital content, magazines, manuscripts and other unstructured documents.

As XML conversion company, we have managed different types of XML conversion projects related to various publishers, libraries, government organizations, universities etc from all around the world.

We make sure that the converted files are accurate with high quality so that it can be published on different platforms without any delay.

[Error Field] = i need to insert which input data in xml has error.

[Error Field Value] = i need to insert what is the value of error column.

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[Error Message]= and a error message based on the validaiton.